Felix is a driven man who knows what really matters. He does not shy away from a challenge and makes sure that he is well informed about everything. He is a pleasant person to work with. He makes an effort for you and listens to you. The customer experience is very important to him and he does everything to make it happen. Because of his extensive work experience, he has a lot of knowledge. Highly recommended.


Felix is a loyal, friendly "family/friends" person who makes every effort to achieve the best result and does not take any risks. He can be very persistent and is very good at masking this by putting the customer and hospitality first. Passionate as he is, he does this in a relaxed and disarming way that puts every customer at ease and gives you the feeling that you are always welcome.

Felix's passion and mission is to make life a party and he loves to share, especially with his family, friends, staff, but also with his business associates and customers. It is a joy to work with Felix, he is contagious and creative to give all the energy to give others that drive so they know what to do, for the sake of the bigger picture and Felix does that in a caring and pleasant collegial way. And yes, everything for a good result, but together, that is what he asks of those around him.

The great thing about Felix is that you can ask him anything, just accept his answer. Sometimes you can't, but Felix is open to everything and sees where he can help, because if Felix has the opportunity he will!

Sven - Interim HR Director

Felix is a bridge builder between customer and product. By learning from past mistakes, he has learned from his mistakes and developed into a businessman with the customer's best interest at heart. Because only a satisfied customer can guarantee the survival of entrepreneurship. Listening to what the customer wants and acting accordingly with possible adjustment of the possibilities. Felix I have come to know as a warm person who with patience and acquired wisdom has honoured my interests with tangible results. I would definitely recommend his service and quality as an entrepreneur.


I worked for Felix for 10 years as a manager in various cities. He was for me a sincere, honest and above all very reliable employer, under the motto "a man a word a man," a verbal agreement was enough for him!

As a buyer and seller, he always knew how to surprise you with special purchases, he was trading far ahead of everyone else! As a human being, I wish him all the best in real estate!


Felix is a good person.
Felix also believes in the goodness of other people. If you are loyal and honest, Felix will walk through fire for you. This is how he is to his family, staff, clients and business associates.

Entrepreneurship is his passion. He always wants the best. Especially for his customers. The customer is number one. How do we give the best service to the customer. Felix is very inventive in this respect. He is always looking for new ways and ideas to make it as comfortable as possible for the customer.

He also does not hesitate to ask for advice from specialists. As a customer, you have come to the right place with entrepreneur Felix.