Felix, de makelaar van Amstelveen e.o.

Buying a house in Amstelveen

Still can't find your dream house in Amstelveen or its surroundings? And does a suitable house or flat seem unattainable? Then let Felix help you.

As a passionate local estate agent, I am the first to know about new houses. I search for a suitable home, accompany you to viewings and negotiate about the price. With my knowledge and experience, you always have an expert on your side. And you never pay too much.

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Selling a house in Amstelveen

  • Would you like to move and don't know what your house is worth?
  • Do you want to sell your house for the maximum price?
  • Do you want to invest your surplus value in another property?

Then contact Felix and let me guide you personally. You will benefit directly from my knowledge and experience. And I will help you sell your house in 5 simple steps.

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Felix Makelaardij: a beacon of peace in a changing housing market

Do you want to buy a house in Amstelveen or its surroundings? If so, it is quite a challenge.

The housing supply is limited, demand is high and popular houses are still selling fast. What's more, sharply rising mortgage interest rates mean you can borrow thousands of euros less. Are you at a loss for words? Then let Felix help you.

Felix is the real estate agent of Amstelveen. I help you buy or sell a house and provide peace of mind. Nothing more and nothing less.

These are the unique advantages of Felix

Felix is pioneering and challenging the established order.
You are guaranteed to pay the lowest commission *.
I'm here for you 24/7.

Curious about the possibilities? There is often more possible than you think.

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Current offers

Buying or selling a house in Amstelveen pleasurably, quickly and cheaply?

These are the 7 promises of Felix

I will exceed your expectations
I will always tell the truth
I will always put your interests above mine
I will go to the limit for you
I promise that you understand what you are signing
I will work hard and be reliable
I will be at your service 24/7

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Or call for more info: 06-21969500

No-obligation conversation about your living wishes

Are you hesitating about moving or can't foresee the consequences? Felix creates order out of chaos. Make an appointment without any obligations and I will make an inventory of your wishes. More is often possible than you think and I make your dreams come true.

Buying a house without a real estate agent? Don't start

If you want to buy a house in Amstelveen without an estate agent, you are doomed to fail. Most houses change owners even before they are listed on Funda.

As a born and bred Amstelveen real estate agent, I am the first to know about new houses. And I will help you quickly, decisively and inexpensively.

Don't waste your money with unique service packages, starting from only €597.
Ask your questions 24/7, via email, phone or WhatsApp.
Benefit from over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience and people skills.

Make an appointment now with the Amstelveen estate agent

I would be happy to help you with the purchase, sale or valuation of your home and get to know you. Book a free consultation now.

I am Felix. Chosen for his service. Famous for his results. Felix fixes it.

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Or call for more info: 06-21969500