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Do you want to move and don't know what your current home is worth? Don't gamble and ask the expert. Ask for a free valuation now.

Felix is happy to come and visit you to determine the value of your property. Free, independent and without any obligations. So you know exactly what your chances are on the housing market.

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What is the value of my house in Amstelveen?

Every house is different and that affects its price. That is why Felix' free valuation is tailor-made.
Let Felix, as an expert real estate agent, take a neutral look at your house. Then you know exactly where you stand and you gain insight into your home value and surplus value.

Insight into the value of a house in Amstelveen

A value appraisal is a well-founded estimate of the value of your house. This is not the same as an appraisal report, with which you can apply for a mortgage, among other things.
An appraisal gives an excellent indication of the market value of your house. Moreover, Felix will perform it for you quickly, free of charge and without any obligations.

When do I get a valuation?

You may have various reasons for requesting a free valuation.

  • Object to the WOZ value. Does the municipality consider the WOZ-value of your residence to be too high? Then you are unnecessarily paying a lot of money for certain levies and taxes.
    I can help you object.
  • Buying a house. You have your eye on a house and want to know whether the asking price is realistic. Felix carries out a free valuation as the basis for a realistic negotiation.
  • Determining the surplus value. You want to buy another house and want to know the surplus value of your current home.
  • Sell or let your house. With our free valuation, you have a realistic idea of the asking price.
  • Investing in real estate. You want to invest in a property and calculate your surplus value. You may be able to partially finance your investment with the surplus value.
  • Determine strategy. You have seen a house on Funda and want to know what your current home is worth.
  • Forced relocation. You are getting divorced and want to know what your home is worth.
  • Receiving an inheritance. You inherit a house and want to know what it is worth

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Do you want to know how much your house is worth? Felix will visit you to personally meet you and determine the value of your home.

Curious about the value of your house?
Do the online free valuation

Can't wait for the free appraisal by appointment? Then find out online what your home is roughly worth.

Calculate the approximate value of your house. The online service makes an estimate based on similar homes in your neighbourhood. The price mentioned is of course an indication. For an accurate valuation, call in Felix.

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